Ultimate Guide to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

 If you don’t normally save your contacts to your SIM card, it may be frustrating to have to manually punch in all your contacts when you start using a new iPhone or any other smartphone 

But the easiest way to transfer your contact list within minutes is to use Google Contacts to help sync your accounts between both Android and iPhone operation systems. But if you are not aware of Google contacts we are here to provide all other methods on how to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone.

If the contacts on your Android device are saved directly to the device itself, you must export them from the device and then import them into an account that can be set up to synchronize with the iPhone. If the contacts on your Android device are already synchronized to Google, or to a Microsoft Exchange or Outlook account, they can be synchronized directly to your iPhone. 

o, How to transfer contacts from Android device to iPhone:

    1. On the Android device, open Contacts
    2. Tap the Menu key and tap Import/Export
    3. Tap the option to Export to SD card
    4. Save your contacts to the 00001.vcf file, which will be saved to the top-level, or “root folder‟ of the microSD card
    5. Connect the Android device to a computer via USB cable. If prompted, ensure Mass Storage mode is selected to mount the memory card to the PC. If not prompted, check the notification bar for USB connection options.
    6. From the computer, click on My Computer, and browse to the microSD card (listed as removable disk) and copy the new 00001.vcf file from the root folder to your computer

Now you can Import this .vcf file to your Gmail or Outlook account.

    • For Gmail, open your Gmail account on your computer and click Settings > Import> Browse and locate 00001.vcf on your SD card.
    • For Outlook, open your email on your computer, then click File > Import and Export > Browse and locate 00001.vcf on your SD card
    • Your contacts are now backed up to the Gmail or Outlook account and ready to import into your iPhone.

To import the contacts from these accounts to the iPhone: