Tiago Pinto: ‘Referees Have Harmed Roma’


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Sporting director Tiago Pinto said Roma feel ‘harmed’ after the 2-1 defeat to Milan on Sunday. ‘No one understands the refereeing criteria here in Italy’.

The newspapers criticised Fabio Maresca after the Rossoneri secured another three points in the Scudetto battle, and the referee could face a stop for at least two games after the controversial match.

Roma coach Jose Mourinho stormed off after the match as he wanted to avoid commenting on the referee’s performance at the Olimpico, but sporting director Tiago Pinto has now talked about the big game in the Italian capital.

“I want to say that Milan have played a great game and maybe they deserved the win,” Tiago Pinto told Sky Sport Italia. “However, there’s something to say about the refereeing.

“It’s not to conceal our weaknesses, we are professionals, and we want to improve, but we cannot hide what happened yesterday.

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“Why are the refereeing criteria so different? Equal situations in Serie A have totally opposite criteria. We are professionals and we cannot hide two aspects: people with more credibility than me have talked about the refereeing criteria compared to other leagues and the Champions League.

“Nobody understands the refereeing criteria here in Italy. And I can’t hide the fact that during the 11 games there were situations in which Roma were clearly harmed.

“Like we need to improve, it’s time to say enough, Roma deserve respect, while remembering that I don’t want to hide our flaws.

“It’s not just a problem of Roma, I hope that all together can reflect on the refereeing issue, otherwise you will lose credibility.”


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