MUSIC: JELEEL! – Rain On You!


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New Song By JELEEL! – Rain On You! mp3 Download.

If you’re into hip-hop and your TikTok algorithm reflects that, then you have probably run into JELEEL! at some point. The man has over 1 million followers on the platform, and he can always be heard promoting his tracks with some of the most uncontained energy you have ever seen. His muscular frame is always on display, and his high-pitched emo rock vocals barely match the way he looks.

He is someone that immediately commands your attention, and he is quickly becoming a sought-after performer as he is now booked for Rolling Loud Miami.

This past weekend, JELEEL! dropped off his latest effort called “Rain On You!” which encapsulates who he is as an artist. You listen to JELEEL! to get hyped up, and “Rain On You!” accomplishes that vibe thanks to an energetic vocal delivery, some loud rock-inspired production, and a catchy hook that will be in your head all day. Sure, it’s a very short song, but the runtime is all you need to get the vibe.

Wasu Abubuwan Masu Alaka
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You can check out the brand new track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Feeling like a dog, man, feeling like Bri
Shoutout DMX, yeah, my n***a like me
If you fight me, then you gotta die big
Pull up with my n****s, yeah, we really grimy, slimy

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