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[Music] Dr. Rabiu -Money

Verse 1

Where the money (mek I go check)
Show me the papers (money sure says)
Clean the money (no be contents)
Give me the papers (money matters)
I need the papers (many mansions)
Mi I want to, (build ma mama house)
Babu Runto (when I’m not around
~●I may not get now buh tomorrow com
When things has changed to the many more
More money more money big mansions
cash money more money many Actions
No body ya zama somebody
Kam badi nazama me kudi
nazama Wanda ake gani
Nazama Wanda ake fadi
Nazama Wanda ake gadi

*chorus money money money.

Oh God The Almighty
I Come before you today asking for
financial blessing to improve my life.

Verse 2

EveRy BoDy (money money)
Kowa yanaso (Money money)
Moni moni (money money)
Plenti money (plenti money)
Nima inaso(money money)
Kaima kanaso? (Money Money)
Kema kina so? (Money Money)
WAYE BAI So? (Money money)
Oya Tell Them (Money money)
Baba Buhari (Money Money)
Baba Atiku(Money Money)
DANGOTE namu (Money Money)
Dan Juma Gooje–( Money money)
Dahiru Mangal (Money moey)
DAn Bua namuu (Money Money)
Indimi namu (Money Money)
Dan China—
Adamu zango (Money Money)
>>Hadeeza Gabon (Kibani moni)
Oga. Oga KASTIC (Money Money)
Dollar dollar (Money Money)
Euro euro Money money
Money money

Money, money, money
Kudi kudi kudi kudi
Man need money
Kudi kudi kudi kudi

1. Money:-



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