What, Jamie? Bitcoin Price Regains Pre-FUD $4,400 Heights, NEO Jumps 15%

Bitcoin prices finally shrugged off the negative impact of Jamie Dimon and China Monday to pass $4,400.

As of press time, BTC was trading at around $4,440, marking its highest level since Sep. 9.

The achievement continues a trend which began in the last week of September, with prices jumping almost $1,000 in the intervening days, data from Bitcointicker shows.

Chinese regulatory posturing including the slow shutdown of its exchange industry, as well as negative comments from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, saw last month drag down markets across cryptocurrency.

While Chinese investors soon rallied to find alternative means to continue trading, a raft of well-known figures likewise came out in support of Bitcoin against Dimon.

With the ‘FUD’ effect now in reversal, a further surge in prices Sunday came as the results of an “illegal” referendum in Spain on the independence of Catalonia returned an alleged 90 percent of voters in favor.

The impact on Bitcoin strictly due to this event is being increasingly reported, yet the evidence is dubious, according to commentators from within the crypto sphere such as WhalePanda.


Meanwhile, NEO continues to buck the trend of lackluster altcoin market performance Monday, posting 24-hour gains of around 14 percent.

Support for the altcoin has recently come from Korean exchange markets, with momentum getting started once again after China’s anti-ICO moves early last month.

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