Israel-Hamas War: Nigerian Senate Seeks Ceasefire, Wants Executive To Intervene

The Nigerian Senate, on Tuesday, called for an end to the Israel-Hamas war that has led to the killing of thousands of people.

The Senate also urged the executive arm of government to intervene in the crisis by calling for two separate states for Israel and Palestine.

This followed the adoption of a motion sponsored by Senator Suleiman Kawu Sumaila (NNPP, Kano South) and co-sponsored by 28 others.

Senator Adamu Aliero (PDP, Kebbi), who presented the motion, said the casualty figures in the ongoing war were horrifying and that if not ended immediately, it may lead to World War III.

He said from the United Nactions (UN) figure, the war which broke out in October with an attack by Hamas on the Israeli territory, it said 18 places of worship had been destroyed, 22,600 residential units damaged, 19 medical centres, 90 education facilities, 70 industrial facilities and 49 media offices razed down.

He said even though there has been a renewed effort to negotiate a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, he noted that the talks have failed to produce the needed results.

Speaking on the motion, the deputy Senate President, Barau Jibrin, said: “What we need now is a ceasefire so that people who are being killed every day will no longer be killed. So many have lost their lives; so many children have been left orphaned.

“All you see on television about the conflict are dead bodies and so forth. This is not acceptable. All this is not good for the modern world.

“We should add our voices to those of responsible people all over the world that Palestine and Israel should come together and accept the two-state solution for permanent peace to prevail in that region of the world.”

Also, Eyinaya Abaribe (APGA, Abia South) said having experienced the Nigerian civil war in 1967 as a child, an eye for an eye will lead to everybody not having eyes at all.

“I call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the conflict.”

Also, Senator Sani Musa (Niger, APC) condemned killings on both sides, saying Nigeria should be seen to be on the side of peace.

“The Israelis and Palestinians should have the right to live in peace,” he stated.