How To Share Documents in WhatsApp Without Using Third Party App

share documents in whatsapp
The app is getting better day by day with release of every new updates with new features which is really useful for its users.

WhatsApp allows us to chat and share images, videos and audio clips with our friends who are on other platforms.
But, unfortunately sharing of documents was not allowed in whatsApp unless you use third party apps.
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But installing third party apps for sending document is not safe and good option.

Because who knows, what that third party application is doing in the background.

To prevent you from data theft WhatsApp released new feature in recent update i.e. Document Attachment.
Yes guys, now you can share documents in WhatsApp just like you send images and videos to your friends.
And one of the best thing is that you can send it without using any third party app.
The users having the latest version of the app on their SmartPhone will be able to see this new feature when they try to send an document to their friends via chat.
So, in this tutorial I am going to show you how you can share documents in WhatsApp without using any app.
WhatsApp recently launched a new feature by which you can send documents easily at the time of chatting.
Before this update, if you want to send a file, you need to rename the file with an extension that is recognized by WhatsApp and then send it across.

For example, if you are sending “abc.pdf”, you need to change it to “abc.jpeg” before sending. This task was complicated for new users. So, thank you WhatsApp team for providing this nice feature.

Step-by-Step Guide to Share Documents in WhatsApp Without Using Any App

Step 1:
Open WhatsApp messenger and tap on any Contact from the list which you want to send the document.
Share Documents in Whatsapp
After you open that chat, tap on the Attachment button on the top right corner of the screen, as shown in the above image. 

Step 2 –

Now, you will see the option for Attachment, tap on Document.
Share Documents in Whatsapp

Step 3 –

You will see the list of available document on your Smartphone. Tap on any document, that you want to send and then tap on SEND button, when it asks for confirmation.
Share Documents in Whatsapp
After Uploading the Document you will receive a confirmation that Your document will be sent.
If this feature is not available in your WhatsApp, you need to update/upgrade your WhatsApp application to latest version to get this feature. The receiver also need to have the latest version of the WhatsApp installed on their phones, otherwise, you(sender) will see following error-
Share Documents in Whatsapp
If you see “Can’t send document to user because user is on a version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support them.” error while sending documents to your friends, just ask them to update their WhatsApp application to latest version and the problem will be solved. Enjoy, sending documents over WhatsApp!

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