Google Android-Top Advantages And Disadvantages

Google Android Advantages and Disadvantages
 Android is one of the best mobile platform followed by iOS, so many people loves its features. When you go to purchase a mobile that runs on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc… you need to read these. There are great advantages and disadvantages of Google Android. It is depend on you that purchase or not, I am just telling my opinion.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google Android

Advantages of Google Android

  • It is flexible, works on almost all devices
  • Open source, it is completely free
  • Millions of applications for everything you want to do
  • Upcoming versions have a support to save RAW images
  • Televisions are using Android
  • Android Mini PCs came to market
  • Starts from $50 to $3000 and even more
  • Different flavors, you can choose pure android performance devices from Moto and Nexus
  • Google services are available with complete updates
  • Easy for java developers to create app
  • Expandable memory
  • Completely automated tasks, depends upon your settings
  • Dual SIM support
  • Control your PC using your Android device
  • Multi language support
  • Quick settings in notification bar
  • Application file size for Android is very less when compared to iOS
  • Supported in most of devices Sony, Samsung and many more
  • Widgets to quick do your work
  • Multitasking lets you done your works parallel at the same time
  • Install new ROM by rooting if you don’t like UI
  • You can install app using apk file
  • Third part app store support or Google Play Store Alternatives
  • Cheap premium apps
  • Customizable UI even if you didn’t root
  • NFC enabled devices to make everything wireless
  • First app comes in Android now a days then to iOS
  • Wearables use Android


Disadvantages of Google Android

  • Poor battery performance
  • Heats up like a oven
  • Low security and fake apps can be installed to steal your info from unknown resources
  • Need continues Internet connection
  • All apps goes with ads and pop ups
  • Everyone uses it, no special feel
  • Gaming is not up to mark when compared to iOS
  • Voids warranty if you root it
  • Multiple screen sizes and resolutions makes developer work difficult to design app
  • Slowdowns device if updated
  • Updates are not given to all the mobiles at a time
  • Hangs some times when you open multiple apps
  • Google know everything, more than your girlfriend knows you 
  • Still you want to go for Google Android?

    Yes, you can choose it, because Android is a open source Operating System which provides many features and large collection of apps as compared to another platforms.

    So, what do you think about it? please reply in comments