Coalition Faults Appeal Court Judgement Sacking Kano Gov

A Coalition Of 100 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Pro-democracy Organisations In Nigeria, has faulted the judgement of the Court of Appeal that sacked the governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abba Yusuf.

Last week, the appellate Court in Abuja, in its judgement, ordered the governor to vacate office amd declared the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nasir Yusuf Gawuna, rightful winner of the March 18 governorship election in the State.

The coalition said the judgement was against principle of democracy upon which the nation was founded.

Convener of the coalition, Francis Obinna, called on the Supreme Court to set aside the judgement of the Appeal Court and restore the mandate of the people of Kano State freely given to Governor Yusuf.

The group said, “With a sober heart, we confidently say it that, with this ruling, the Court of Appeal’s decision has opened the door to political interference in our elections, and has undermined the confidence of the Nigerian people in our judicial system. We cannot allow this to happen.

“The Supreme Court, as the highest court in the land, has the responsibility to uphold justice and ensure that the rule of law prevails. In the case of the Vice President, Kashim Shettima, the Supreme Court ruled on a similar pre-election matter, providing a clear and decisive judgment. It is puzzling and deeply concerning that the Court of Appeal has deviated from this precedent in the case of Governor Abba Yusuf.

“The people of Nigeria have placed their trust in the judiciary to safeguard their rights and ensure justice is served. When this trust is undermined, it erodes the very foundation of our democracy. We cannot allow such inconsistencies and contradictions to persist within our legal system.

“It is imperative for us to raise our voices and demand accountability. We therefore call for a thorough and transparent review of the Court of Appeal’s judgment in the Kano Governorship case. We urge the Supreme Court to intervene once again and provide clarity on this matter, ensuring that justice prevails.

“The implications of this judgment extend far beyond the boundaries of Kano State. It sets a dangerous precedent that could potentially undermine the integrity of future elections and erode public trust in our democratic processes. We cannot allow this to happen.

“We wish to categorically state it to everyone that the Court of Appeal’s judgment is not only legally flawed but also morally reprehensible. It demonstrates a disregard for the rule of law and a willingness to subvert the will of the people.

“The people of Kano State have suffered enough. They have endured years of hardship and deprivation. They deserve a stable and competent government that will focus on addressing their needs.”

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